Top 3 Reasons We Overeat and How to Stop It!

Top 3 reasons we overeat and how to stop it!

Portion Size—Plain and simple our plates and glasses are bigger than they ever were and we are still loading them up. Try using dessert plates for your main course and ramekins or tea cups for bowls.  

Variety—Eating a variety of different types of food is good for us but having too many choices at every meal is not. Basically, we have a shut-off point when we become bored with the food that is in front of us. If we are given a large number of choices we continue to make room for new stuff. Try sticking with three dishes (a protein,  a veg, and a starch) at most per meal.

Distraction—Watching TV or working at the computer while you eat interferes with our brains acknowledgement of eating. We become less aware that we are full and continue eating. Solution: Turn off the gadgets and pay attention to your food!

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