Resolving to get more Fiber in 2018?

Huge health benefits are attributed to eating plenty of fiber. It is what makes our healthy gut bacteria happy! It can help use lose weight and it can prevent us from getting certain illnesses. 

It is recommended that the daily intake for women is 25 grams and 38 grams for men. While variety is best (weekly trips to the farmers market can be inspiring) getting used to it at first might not be that easy. So how about trying the foods, that pack the most fiber in them, first. Once you start seeing and feeling results you may find it easier to branch out.

Measuring in cup amounts Avocados have 6.7% of the daily fiber making them better than apples with only 2.4%. Of course there is nothing wrong with eating both! Strawberries come with only 2% while Raspberries have 6.5%. 

Here are a few more high fiber foods: 

Artichoke (5.4%)

Chickpeas (7.6%)

Lentils (7.9%)

Split Peas (8.3%)

Oats (10.6%)

Almonds (12.5%)

Popcorn (14.5%)

Chia Seeds (34.4%) Wow!

Dark Chocolate--providing you go with at least or over 75% cocoa--can pack as much as 10.9%

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