Life hacks that work and some that don’t...

Life hacks that work

Vinegar can neutralize cigarette smells.

Put two tablespoons of malt vinegar in a dish and leave overnight in a smoky room with the door shut. The acidic vinegar helps to neutralize some smells in smoke, many of which are alkaline.

Lemonade prolongs the life of cut flowers.

Aspirin, flower food and plain water, didn’t work as well as adding a couple of spoons full of lemonade for long-lasting blooms. The theory is it may have antibacterial qualities and its sugar may feed the plant.

Hairspray removes ink from hard surfaces.

Spraying hairspray on an ink stain seemed to make it fizz and dissolve. From there you can blot-it up with a paper towel. It also works with red wine stains on cotton, but then the fabric needs to be washed afterwards. It is probably the alcohol in hairspray that is doing the trick.

Life hacks that do NOT work

Pouring vinegar on a cutting board before cutting onions will stop you from crying. Nope, the chemicals still get to your eyes and now you have smelly vinegar to deal with, too!

Dry tea bags to deodorize smelly shoes...NOPE, you only get stinky tea bag.

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