Hangover Cures that Actually Work!

New Year’s Eve right around the corner and if you’re 30+ even a couple of drinks can be rough. Here are tips to cure the hangover…

For starters:

Fuel up before you head out, by eating something you are "lining your stomach". It will help your body absorb alcohol more slowly. Being well hydrated with water will also help processes the alcohol. Better still have a glass of water between each drink!

Morning After:

Avoid the fried food. Instead, the more effective way of getting your blood sugar levels back up, is to eat poached eggs, asparagus and possibly drinking Sprite to speed up recovery.


Avoid this one as it is a diuretic and you are already dehydrated.

Sweating it out:

Yes and No…The damage is done sweating it out doesn’t work but the endorphins your body produces when you exercise do help.

Hair of the Dog:

Um, no. This is really just delaying and increasing the effects of the hangover.

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