Lost your keys? Bark like a dog to remember

Lost your keys? Bark like a dog to remember where you put them. That is just one of the memory tips offered by a behavior expert. The theory is when you make an unusual sound it causes you to stop focusing on something you forgot. That allows you the opportunity to come back to it and remember. Better still the expert recommends you make an unusual sound when you put the items down. The sound will help you remember the occasion later. Here are 5 more tips...

1. Keep calm and snack

Grabbing a quick snack of your favorite food or calmly sipping on a cup of coffee or tea will help to relax. That calmer state will help you make connections quicker in your mind.

2. Blast some Beethoven

Classical music is proven to have a positive effect on finding lost items due to its calming effect.

3. Be patient/Meditate

Allowing your brain time to relax, and for the initial panic to pass, will allow you to look for your item in a more focused and reasoned way.

4. Ask a woman or child to help

People who are particularly logical (e.g. people who are great at puzzles) are often good at finding things.

5. Draw

This is a form of art therapy that can help unlock your subconscious.

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