So what is in Eggnog?

GW Eggnog

So what is Eggnog? Buy the carton kind and most likely it will have neither Egg nor Nog but a whole lot of artificial sugar. 

However, you can mix up batch with fairly simple ingredients. Traditional recipes call for: Egg Yolks, the number varies (4 per quart) but they are left raw. Sugar not too bad compared to other desserts but still ¾ cup would not be safe on most diabetic diets. The main foundation for the drink is 2 parts Whole Milk to one part Heavy Cream. Top with nutmeg and you have a family friendly drink. If it’s just for the grown-ups Bourbon/Rum or Cognac gets added. Although legend has it  George Washington liked his with Rye Whiskey, Jamaican Rum and Sherry…No wonder his teeth went bad! 

Click here to get his recipe

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