How to Survive Your Office Christmas Party

Open bars at office Christmas parties are on the decline because they do not bring out the best in employees. Here are some tips on how to pace yourself.

Before you go to the party have some food and water to make sure you are hydrated and not drinking on an empty stomach. SURPRISE TIP: Drink a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Nasty tasting as it is, it offers a jolt of vitamins, increases stomach acid to help digestion and can also prevent really rough hangovers.

Pace yourself, with the number of drinks you have, only one drink an hour. Finish quickly, in an hour, eat more. SURPRISE TIP: Don’t drink from a straw. It tends to make us drink faster.

NO SHOTS bursts of alcohol are a surefire way to do something that could get you fired. SURPRISE TIP: Opt for red wine or beer over fancy drinks with loads of sugar or caffeine. Caffeine and alcohol tend to make you crave more alcohol.

Hydrate— No surprise here. Drink a glass of water after every drink almost ensures you will not suffer a hangover!

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