The Things to Do and Don’t with a Sore Throat

The Things to Do and Don’t with a Sore Throat

Checking in with an Ear Nose and Throat Doctor we found, some surprising and some not so surprising, things we should do and avoid when we have a sore throat.


Eat oranges and oysters, or any citrus fruit high in vitamin C, and beans and nuts like oysters, are high in zinc

Use a humidifier to counteract the drying effect of central heating

Gargle with very warm salty water to help to loosen mucus

Drink green or white tea – to provide a lift without adding to the dryness. 


Drink brandy or coffee because alcohol and caffeine are dehydrating

Take aspirin Unless prescribed by a doctor, this over the counter-drug can suppress your immune response

Speak too much over-using your throat can make you feel worse

Smoke or vape —uh, sort of obvious.  

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