Tips to remembering names

With all the Christmas parties you’re going to this will come in very handy.

The tips to remembering people’s names if you are a person who learns when you hear things:

  • Be sure you heard their name correctly in the first place. “Sorry, I didn’t get your name.”
  • Try spelling it, “Is that M-A-R-G-Y or M-A-R-G-I-E” Even if it is an easy name. “That’s B-O-B short for Robert, right?”
  • Make a remark about their name, “Oh, my great aunt was named Margie.” (I hear that one a lot!) Or “My favorite teacher’s name was Bob.” If it is a very unusual name it’s ok to say that, too.
  • Use the name intentionally in conversation but don’t overdo it. One, “that sounds like fun, Margie.” Or “Bob, have you tried the meatballs? They are delicious.”
  • Use the name again when you depart. “Nice talking to you, Margie.”

If you are more of a visual person:

When you are given a new person’s name attach a substitute word with a visual to it. Break the name down if you need to, “Margie” can become Mar-G…a Marching G could be your visual. Meet a Bill well then a dollar bill should do nicely for him. As we tend to remember faces you can add this to the visuals, Marching G on a big smile or a dollar bill on thick eyebrows.

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