Company for the Holidays?

Got Company Coming for Thanksgiving? Simple tips to refresh a tired room in your home!  

1. Add rugs… Rugs aren’t just for hardwood floors. You can add a punch of color and fun pattern to wall-to-wall carpet, too!

2. Pick a Color. This may require stowing away some treasures but to give a room impact and an update try picking just one or two colors and sticking to items that come in those colors. It will give the room a cohesive and modern appearance.

              2-A. Spray paint. If you are up for a bold color change, grab some spray paint, then go to town on some accent pieces. Light switch plates can be easily taken off, lightly sanded and sprayed a bright color. Hate it, no problem, they are pretty cheap to replace. You can also spray frames or old vases to add accents in a uniform color to the room.

3. Less is More...Between all that comes with holiday decorations, stuff the company brings, and clutter that dates a room, the simple way to perk things up is to take stuff out. Pack away some knickknacks or make some cash off them by selling them!

4.  Change the lighting. Probably one of the fastest ways to make an old-fashioned room feel new is to change the lighting. From lamps to sconces, to overhead and track lighting they can date a room. If you can, spray it, to brighten it up. If you can’t it might not be a bad idea to store the old lights in an attic as lighting trends come often come back in style, eventually.

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