5 Habits to Stay In Shape over the Holidays

5 Habits to get into to Stay in Shape while still enjoying Holiday Food!

Start by burning a few the extra calories off.

1. Set a mid-winter goal

Register for healthy events like running a 5K, or take a group fitness classes through at least January to help you stay motivated to move. 

2. Get into the habit of short break workouts

You don’t have time for a full hour of exercise? A quick ten-minute workout, as long as it gets the blood flowing, works. Walk around your building at work a few minutes every other hour. How about squats or push-ups right by your desk. Dance to at least one song on the radio every half hour.

Prepare for the party

3. Step away from stretchy clothes

The super comfortably stretchy yoga pants should be reserved for YOGA and not the casual family/work gathering you’ve been invited to. Jeans are as casual as we should get because they won’t encourage us to continue stuffing food in!

4. Eat Before the Party

A simple protein snack twenty, or so, minutes before the party can help you make better choices and not over indulge. Just like how we should never, “Shop Hungry” we should never attend a party hungry. Grabbing a Greek yogurt with fruit or hummus and vegetables can line the stomach so you don't show up to a party hungry. (In a hurry, how about a handful of nuts or some lunch meat?)

5. Plan your portion sizes

Grab a smaller plate when loading up on holiday food, take less, or make sure to fill more of the plate with vegetables. Don’t waist space on your plate with empty calories you can get anytime. Meaning pass up the rolls or cheese chunks.

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