Eat Yourself Happy!

Vitamin and minerals aren’t just important for our physical health. They can have a huge benefit for our mental health too! Eating the right foods, rather than supplements, ensures more appropriate dosage and cost less. Of course as always your doctor would know best.

Vitamin B to give you stress relief and energy: Brown Rice, Oily Fish, Turkey, and Milk

Iron foods helps you think better and helps keep bad moods away: Red Meat, Seafood, Tahini sauce

Calcium foods to calm anxiety: Green veggies, Dairy, Chia seeds, Sardines

Chromium is what calms confusion and irritability: Nuts (Brazilian Nuts are best), Dried Dates, Pears

Zinc has a lot to do with balancing hormones: Oysters, Liver, Lean Beef, Seeds (mainly pumpkin)

So if we eat all that can we have junk food?!?


Sorry, but spikes in blood sugar throws all the good work the other foods are providing all out of whack.

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