Windows cleaned, now the screens!

Window Cleaning

The need to clean the windows on your home is sort of a given but what about the screens? Dirty screens are a two-fold problem: they mess with air quality and are easily damaged. Here are some simple steps to clean them.

  • If at all possible take them off of the window before cleaning. It allows you to do a more thorough job. However, if that is not possible you can leave them in place but it may get pretty messy.
  • If your screens are only mildly dirty a simple lint brush should do the trick. Roll over both sides a few times to collect loose dust.
  • A bit more dirty—Try a vacuum cleaner with the SOFT BRUSH attachment and don’t press too hard or you’ll damage the screen.
  • Seriously dirty—this is going to take a bit of scrubbing and done from the outside with the windows closed, if you can’t remove them. Mix one tablespoon of dish washing soap or white vinegar with a ½ gallon of lukewarm water. Wet the screens with a garden hose first. Then dip a soft cloth into the solution and carefully rub them clean. Rinse the soap and grime off. Let them dry completely before returning them to the windows.  
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