Tips to Fall and STAY Asleep

Top Tips to Fall Asleep and Stay Asleep

Can’t fall asleep--

Try reverse psychology. This doesn’t work all the time but it can help you feel less anxious about not sleeping if you change your thoughts to trying to stay awake instead.   See how long you can hold your eyes wide open.

Think of something mundane. Do the alphabet game with animals or cities. Try remembering that speeding train or algebra question  from a math class years ago.

Hold a book above eye level while reading.

Staying asleep--

If you are waking at roughly the same time every night, change your thermostat by one degree in either direction. Odds are it is turning on or off when you are in a light sleep pattern.  Otherwise keep a pad and paper by your bed. If something is bothering you and waking you, writing it down can help you worry less about it and fall back to sleep faster.

Consider naps? You might just be someone who now needs to sleep in segments. A 20 minute nap during the day maybe all you need.

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