Top 5 Easy Tips to Relax after Work!

Top five tips to relax after work without alcohol or food!

  • Walk outside—The greener the better. The fresh air and exercise meets the simple beauty of Mother Nature, it is a great de-stressor.
  • Exercise—Try different activities to find the one that makes you dedicated to it. Jogging works for many but you may prefer swimming, a bike ride or tai chi!
  • Talk—Your spouse and/or children don’t have to hear every detail but expressing from time to time that you are exhausted or stressed from work may be just the ticket. Likewise listening to how their day went can be a distraction from how your day went.
  • Be Creative—Write, draw, paint, knit, bake… Being creative for work can be stressful as you are under pressure but if it only has the boundaries you set for it, it can be very relaxing. That includes coloring or molding play-dough with your kids if that is all you have time for in the evening.
  • Breathe—Focusing on the simple slow rhythm of your own breathing is the basics to mindfulness mediation. There are apps like Calm and Headspace as well as any number of YouTube videos that can help you lower your stress level.

Try one or two of these for at least a month and switch to another if you aren’t satisfied. Odds are one or two will work for you and the rest won’t hurt you!


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