Does your child have chronic digestive issues?

Does your child have frequent or chronic digestive issues? It could be due to something they were exposed to in utero.  A new study has found that exposing your child to BPA right before or after they are born can lead to stomach problems for them later in life. BPA s an industrial chemical that has been used to make plastics since the 1960s. Exposure to it has been linked to a host of negative side effects. It is because BPA can affect the balance of good and bad bacteria in our stomachs. For young developing bodies this can then cause chronic liver and colon inflammation. 

We can reduce our chance of coming into contact with the chemical by reducing the amount of food we eat that comes out of a can that is because most cans are lined with an epoxy resin that contains BPA. Also instead of using plastic containers to store food, keep it in glass, stainless steel or porcelain.


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