How we get an extra 100,000 calories by accident

Desk Nibbling is the term for it.

 According to a recent survey they found those tiny bags of chips, fancy flavored coffees, bite sized chocolate treats and any number of cookies, donuts and sweets we eat at our desk are really adding on the calories. The research found on average we nibble and extra 100,800 calories each year. That is the equivalent of an extra 50 days of food intake each year!  

How to avoid it:

Start with a filling and nourishing breakfast. Avoid a sugary start to your day as it will cause you to crash and crave food more.

Snack thoughtfully. Nibbling or sipping away on something while you are focused on a work project means you aren’t mindfully aware that you are taking in calories. That allows you to fall into a habit where you are eating just for the sake of doing it and not for its proper intention of nourishing you.

Plan and time your snacks.  Having a set snack time makes you more aware of it. Be sure you don’t wait too long to eat them either. When we wait until we are starving we tend to become rather irrational about our food choices. Planning your snacks ahead also helps you plan for smart snack choices. Your prepacked nuts and fruit is far easier to stick with if you are not hangry by the time you get to them.

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