GROSS the Germs that Lurk at the Gym

Germs thrive in moist places...So even though every one looks healthy at your gym that doesn't mean the equipment is safe. They could have been carrying a minor patch of bacteria, that they are immune to, and it then grows into a major strong batch of sickness just as you touch it.

According to experts here are three tips for a healthier gym experience...

1.  Sauna and Shower--wear shower shoes!  Also avoid the wet spaces that are harder to clean. That includes hot tubs. If you see a lot of foam or it strongly smells of chlorine, guess what? That means the chemical cleaners are at work trying to remove bacteria...but they haven't been successful yet!

2. Disinfect All Workout Equipment--A study by the National Institutes of Health found that exercise equipment in communal gyms are loaded with viral bacteria. Most gyms already have the disinfectant on hand.

3. Yoga Mat--Bring your own. Or risk fungal infections like ringworm! 

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