5 Tips to Get Moving

1. The night before get all your clothes ready.

Have less to stress about in the morning. By having not just your work clothes ready but also your workout clothes out too. 

2. Ease into an earlier wake-up time.

Start by getting up only minutes earlier and going to sleep five minutes earlier at night. Small short workouts in the beginning help establish a routine. Once that is on its way (about a week) you can increase another five minutes.

3. Get bright right away.

Starting the day groggy does not make it easy to get going on a workout. Turning on a light or opening the curtains will signal your brain that it’s time to wake up and get going.

4. Have some citrus.

Research suggests the mere scent of citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits can bring a boost of energy. Consider a citrus scent bar of soap and a piece of fruit snack before you start your workout.

5. Stick to your best routine.

Tried everything but you are still not a morning exerciser? Then switch to late afternoons or early evenings. The plan was to knock it out first thing but if that is not working try post dinner walks, treadmill time while you watch a favorite show, or jogging while your kids are at practice.  So long as you can get in a routine of getting exercise that is all that really matters.

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