SMILE: It's The Lighter Side Of SNORING-Halloween Edition!

The other night I was awakened to the terrifying sound of a growling mountain lion. Or was that a freight train? Or a Cat 3 tornado? Nope, it was wife snoring. Understand that she hasn’t been doing this for too long, and it’s only sporadic when it does happen. But when she does, the decibel levels can get up there. It’s all good though, since she is only getting some revenge for what I’ve been doing from almost day 1 of our marriage.

Fortunately, my snoring-and my wife’s loud purrs-are not nearly as serious as the medical problem of sleep apnea, which should get attention from a sleep specialist. But today, as people prepare for Halloween, we lighten things up a bit with excerpts from a blog on how to take the insomnia and snore, then turn it into gore for Halloween. How I could take these two random things and tie them together? Now THAT'S scary.


Skip the Makeup--With those natural black circles under your eyes, think of the money you will save in face paint! Hollywood artists spend hours in trailers trying to replicate the look you have naturally every morning!

Soundtrack--Record the sounds coming out of your house in the dead of night and play them back on repeat on your front porch. Kids will be talking about your house as a place to be avoided because of the bear that lives within.

ZOMBIES--On Halloween night just put on some tattered clothes and drag your feet (from being tired) to the door then opening it with your eyes naturally rolled back in your head. How long has it been since you slept well? It shows!

Natural Anger--Any other day your quick temper might be an issue, but tonight it is an asset! Just put in a set of fake fangs and every little thing that sets you off can be considered part of your character.


Scotty Mac

Scotty Mac

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