Why You SHOULD Wish Your Friends Happy Birthday On Facebook.

In a recent Google search for “Facebook birthday wishes,” I found many articles written about why we should NOT wish our FB friends happy birthday. They ranged from “too annoying” to “identity theft.” Don’t panic. FB has become much more vigilant lately in security measures to protect your account and personal info. Even with a recent increase of account hacking in Messenger a few months ago, all you have to do is change your password. Like every 30 days, and you should be fine.

Even though I have MANY friends, I make it a point (99% of the time) to wish every one of them a happy birthday. While it might take some effort, for me, it's time well spent. Even with as many friends as I have. BTW-if I happen to miss a day, I give them a belated wish. And I never apologize for missing it. I just mention something like “I hope your day was amazing, and I hope your years ahead are awesome.”


1. It’s easy--Facebook notifies you of your friends’ birthdays, so you can go easily to their page and see their latest posts and events.

2. You can learn a lot from a friend you don’t follow too much during the course of a year. They might have gone through something traumatic where they might need an encouraging word.

Or you could see a recent post where a word of affirmation or a word of congrats is appropriate. Can’t go wrong here.

3. You can click on their page to see whether or not they are … umm--still with us. Death can come at any age, so it’s always a good idea to click on their page so make sure you don’t see “Happy birthday in heaven” posts. That will save some embarrassment, and give you the chance-depending on how close you are/were-to also extend sympathies. For pages that are still live (even if they are not), they are viewed by their family and/or friends.

4. Whether it’s death or no posting in 2 years, you can discreetly delete them here (if you choose). Don’t feel bad. They won’t miss you.

5. It’s a good day to unfriend overly negative people. As you click on their page, you might see some thoughts and opposing viewpoints in past posts. I’m OK with that. But, when someone gets into high attack mode with politics or religion; especially when it’s made personal, they are outta there. Vulgarity in posts is another ticket outta there. It might sound cruel to remove a friend on their birthday, but verbal abuse is not welcome.

6. You’re making someone else feel good. Especially if you make it more personal than just “Happy birthday.” But use caution before you use the canned “I know I’m a bit early” type wishes that most everyone knows that it’s copy and pasted. Giphs are cool, but choose something unique and personal to them.

7. You make yourself feel good. You remember how it feels to be on the receiving end of a birthday shout-out, so you gladly want to return the favor to everyone.

8. You can be a bit more than just a generic friend. Most people on FB can expect to receive about 5 percent (give or take) birthday wishes from their current friend list. There’s a pretty good chance you will not be weeded out from that person’s friends list when they decide it’s time to purge.


Now regarding my day --Today, I currently have 4,979 friends on my personal page. If I dip below that number after September the 16th, I know someone has been inspired by my suggestion to disappear and/or ghost me. I just know it won’t be for the reasons above. I understand there is always some friend attrition for whatever reason. But be advised there will be no birthday cake for you.

Scotty Mac

Scotty Mac

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