The Newest Breakup Thing: Used To Be "Ghosting." Now "Soft-Ghosting."

As if dating isn't already tough and delicate enough, there's a confusing new breakup trend starting to rock the romantics in all the wrong ways.

The popular ghosting phenom now has an offspring. Son of a ghost. It's “soft ghosting” which is being described as slowly breaking off communication with someone by “liking” their text messages, but offering no genuine response or continuation of a conversation.

If you're searching of the beginning of conception, most social media comment-ers give credit to Overheard LA. It was perhaps the first outlet to share the term a few months back, according to theHuffington Post.


It may not be all bad.

Today’s communication has changed quite a bit as we try to balance phone life and real life,” Ontario-based dating coach Chantal Heide told HuffPost of the phenomenon.

“Singles sometimes feel a loneliness void that they fill by seeking validation from other people,” she said. “That can go wrong... when that validation isn’t turning into the instant gratification we’re conditioned to expect with texting.”

Heide further advises if you've been “soft ghosted” to take things in stride and be patient in the dating game. Then see if you can keep up with all the changes. If that's possible.


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