5 Good Reasons Why LSU WILL Beat The Texas Longhorns Saturday

A friend of mine in South Texas just sent me a link to an article called Five Reasons Why The Texas Longhorns Will Defeat The LSU Tigers. This crazy prediction begs the question, “who wrote this garbage?” We have the Jeopardy answer Alex, so you don’t have to read it to the contestants: Chris Phelps from Longhorns Wire. Even a certain DJ who got a C in Journalism at LSU is smart enough to recognize objective reporting. And that ain’t it.

Now, I admit I myself may be just a bit partial toward the Tigers. I’m an LSU alum, and was in Tiger Band back in the day. And George Morris from The Advocate once told me that I shake the Purple and Gold pom-poms a little too much. So what? I can still offer a fair and balanced case for Tiger domination in Austin. Watch me.

1. Home Field Advantage In Austin? Even though Texas allotted only 3500 football tickets to LSU, you can bet 200 pounds of crawfish there will be a LOT more purple and gold than that. Tiger fans will gladly pay inflated resale ticket prices and show UP. Just so you know, the Austin area is #6 in the nation for the most alums. And don't forget Houston at #3 (right behind New Orleans). H-Town is only 166 miles away. Besides, it’s not too far for us in Baton Rouge to drive, either...about 7.5 hours, depending on the number of Bucky's stops along the way.

2. Joe Burrow. Tough. Focused. Coach’s son. Smart. FEARLESS. Most sports experts say that Texas QB Sam Ehlinger has more talent on paper, but paper can be easily shredded; much like what Burrow will do to the Texas Defense. Doesn’t matter if the Longhorns have Ehlinger. We have Ensminger. That's Offensive Coordinator Steve Ensminger. When he was QB for the Tigers in the 70’s, I suspect he wanted to throw the ball more under Coach Charlie Mac, but couldn’t. So now, Steve can now live vicariously through Joe Burrow. Oh, and don’t forget the other Joe in the press box—Brady; the passing game coordinator/wide receivers coach from the New Orleans Saints' explosive offensive machine, starring Drew Brees and Michael Thomas.

3.You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet. If you think that wild and crazy LSU offense showed everything in the playbook for Georgia Southern, you might as well say Nick Saban is the sweetest person on earth. Some sports experts say we only saw about 45% of the LSU offense last Saturday night in that 55-3 win. Tag team THAT with LA Tech putting up almost 350 yards passing last week against the Longhorns. Good ol' Joes Burrow and Brady are licking their Tiger chops. (And in case you forgot, Joe Burrow only played for about half of the game.)

4. The "Professor" of Defense. Coach Dave Aranda is well-paid for a reason. He collects the most talented high school recruits in the nation. Those players have big dreams beyond college, and they know going in that LSU has the most defensive players currently in the NFL. Once they hit the practice field, Dave makes them stronger and smarter with his “Mad Scientist” schemes that drive opposing offenses nuts. Creating plays to better fit the players he's got, with quick, on-field adjustments on the fly make the LSU defense overwhelming.

5. More X’s…And O. Depth, talent and speed. EIGHT awesome receivers in the mix. And LSU QB Joe Burrow can run, too. One other thing on the O side of the ball. Coach O, who’s learned when you have the money to throw at the best coaches in the nation, you go get them. Then, you turn ‘em loose to do their thing. Surrounding himself with the coaching’s elite-and allowing them to work their magic with the best players-makes Coach Ed Orgeron almost unstoppable this year. As Texas will find out.

FOOTNOTE-Vegas odds-makers have upped the ante; projecting LSU to win by 6. My prediction?

LSU 38; Texas 21

LONGHORNS. It’s what’s for dinner.

--Scotty Mac

Scotty Mac

Scotty Mac

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