PODCAST: You ARE From Baton Rouge If You EVER Say These Things.

Saying the city of Baton Rouge is unique is kinda like saying Tom Hanks is a good actor. Major understatement.

There's traffic (among the heaviest per capita), where turn signals are optional. And in those rare circumstances when a turn signal IS used, it serves as a warning that says," I'm changing lanes whether you like it or not."

There's food, where we say things like, "don't eat the dead ones." At the crawfish boil, we know what that is, even if out-of-towners make a terrified face. And that's just two examples of our BR DNA.

What about the WAY we say things? It's not LSU, it's LS-SHOE. AND, when we are at the intersection of Sherwood and Coursey, it's pronounced SHAREWOOD and CORE-SEE.

Also at the intersection of Sherwood and Coursey, we often wonder if that flash we saw was lightening or a red light camera.

WELL, as we say in media, "But WAIT, there's MORE!" Much more...click PODCAST below.

Scotty Mac

Scotty Mac

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