Teacher's Letter: Dear Momma On The 1st Day Of School, It's Really OK!

My experience with the first day of school? Nervousness. Anxiety. I still have it today with my youngest, who is now officially a sophomore. Reflecting back my "1st Day of School: The Early Years," I was was a wreck most of the time, while my 4 kids had it much more together. Moms get this more than anyone.

If you have the first day of school nervousness (particularly if they were babies just a few years back), allow me introduce you to Heather who is BOTH a parent and teacher. She verbally holds your hand to let you know, "It's OK." For every season of being a school parent. I include some encouraging excerpts below.

CLICK HERE FOR HEATHER'S FULL MESSAGE. Encouraging message for real


Dear Momma,

I see you.

You’re clutching your second cup of coffee as you yawn sleep away. You meant to make cute signs and put together Pinterest gifts for the teachers. You meant to get all those clothes organized and laid out before this morning. You promised yourself you wouldn’t hit snooze.

I see you.

You watch as the baby you held in your arms just a few years ago holds your hand as she walks into kindergarten with her head held high and bows in her hair. She squeezes tight with one last hug before you walk out the door wondering how you got here.

Or maybe your seventh grader, with his cool hair and anxious eyes, asked you to drop him off just a little bit farther back in the line, and your heart breaks just a bit because you weren’t ready for adolescent distance. Not yet.

Or maybe your head is spinning as you watch your senior get in his car for his last first day of school. And you’re just trying to breathe, gulping air but you can’t because your heart is in your throat.

I see you.

Because the real struggle we share on this day each year is the passing of time. We find ourselves in the knowing. We feel just how fleeting each moment is, but we also find ourselves wishing some days away because they can be so dang hard. And we’re caught in this paradox. We want to hold tight to times that were always meant to disappear. Our children were never meant to stay little.

We worry. We fret. We celebrate. We cheer.

This first day of school crashes with waves of doubt and excitement. What will their future be? Who will our children become? What if I screw up?

I see you.

Don’t compare how you feel, how you think, or how you act to a single soul. Be the warrior-mom I see standing as she sends her babies to the classroom. Because she’s beautiful. She’s amazing. She’s a mom who survived this day.

Just be you, Momma. It's OK. You’re doing a fantastic job.

With all the love of a fellow Momma (and teacher),


Scotty Mac

Scotty Mac

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