For The 4th Of July: How To Have Independence--In Your RELATIONSHIPS.

Yep, we're getting ready to celebrate our nation's birthday with the USS Kidd Fourth Of July Spectacular, leading up to the Fireworks On The Mississippi tomorrow night 9 pm. Super pumped about that. But Independence Day can go beyond the country's celebration. It could be a day where YOU declare your own independence in your relationship. NOT independence FROM your relationship; but IN your relationship.

These 5 suggestions can actually strengthen your new relationship, an ongoing one, or build a strong frame for a future romance. You'll be happier. Your partner will be happier. And the bond between you, stronger. Who knows? There may even be fireworks going off to celebrate!


1. Have your own space.

Everyone needs a safe retreat to cool down, think, decompress, and be by themselves. If you live under the same roof, don't ever be afraid to take a breather in a study, guest room, or just your own personal spot in the city.

2. Keep your own hobbies & interests.

This will help you stay connected with your passions and continue maturing independent of your sweetheart. Independent group activities allows you to make new friends, maintain an interesting and unique life outside of your relationship.

3. Stand your ground.

Decide which values and beliefs you aren’t willing to compromise on, but be prepared to concede on the less important ones to keep your relationship happy and healthy. You have to pick your battles with some degree of caution. Remember, it's about the concept of give and take, but never giving up your own feelings.

4. Speak openly when you disagree.

You ARE allowed to say no. And you are given permission to let off steam every now and then. When you do, don't forget to do it out of respect and love for the other person. It's a healthy dialogue that will improve your relationship."

5. Celebrate yourself.

Chances are you were an independent and unique individual before you started a relationship, and you’re only getting better with time. Allow your partner to see that. Never shrink yourself. Share your hopes and dreams, and promise yourself that you will keep working towards them.

Happy Independence Day!

Contributions from Travis Noddings. Click here for more.

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