PODCAST: A Man You DATE vs. THE Man You MARRY (How To Spot The Difference!)

When I became "single again" about 8 years ago. I saw this issue a LOT.In several instances, I came across women who wanted to get married to this guy, while her friends were telling her it wasn't going to happen. So, allow me to add my voice to their's. My approach will be a bit more blunt.

This podcast is especially important for ladies who pursued a certain guy for a relationship. They are there in dating mode, and have been stuck there for a while. Maybe you have a guy picked out for marriage, but that man seems to be dragging his feet. Unfortunately, it goes beyond stalling. Even though he may not say it out loud, it's very likely THIS guy has NO intentions of walking down the aisle. And it’s not necessarily because they are a "player." You can usually spot those.

The differences may be so subtle to you, you don't notice; especially if you are inclined to lead with your heart and not going with your gut. Sometimes you need to. Besides my own personal observations, I also got some help from Kirsten Corley from ThoughtCatalog.com -- Let’s take a closer look.

Here's are just a couple of examples-

The guy you date leaves you asking "what if things were different with this guy?" That’s dreaming, because they aren’t. In reality -even if you don't see it -this guy is there as a stop-gap measure, until you meet the right one and you stop giving him any of your time and attention.

The guy you marry never makes you question how he feels or if he wants a future with you. The guy you marry actually says the word marriage. And it doesn’t scare you when he does…or him.


The guy you date will say you’re clingy if you rely on him too much. This is an intentional way for him to set an emotional boundary you may not cross. If you do, he will immediately pull away. Especially when things get difficult for you. Too much involvement, and -in his mind-too much drama..

The guy you marry will stand tall and be what you need during tough times. The guy you marry will show strength when you’re weak. He holds you up when you can’t seem to yourself. And he doesn’t look down on you if ever you fall apart.

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