15 Good Excuses To Leave Work EARLY! (Not YOU, Right??)

You know you're thinking about it. Even if you would not follow through, you're thinking about an early departure from the office ahead of a three day weekend. With Memorial Day weekend on us, you might be thinking about the condo on the beach that will be ready by 3 pm Friday. I certainly don't encourage dishonesty, but this long weekend is something that you've been looking forward to for months. And it may not even be a getaway. You may need to disconnect from all of the projects and deadlines that have been super stressful lately, and you need the most time to unplug.

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An Awful Headache –A migraine is one of the most convincing excuses to leave work early you can use. Who would deny someone who is complaining of a pounding headache. For added impact, mention that you’re having trouble with the lights and noise making your unbearable migraine even worse.

A Doctor’s Appointment--This is a pretty fool-proof excuse, especially if you’re making the excuse well in advance to the date you need to leave early. Just make sure you don’t use this excuse too often or you’ll risk having to bring a doctor’s note, which naturally, isn’t possible because you’re not really going to the doctors.

An Upset Stomach --If you couple an upset stomach with the mention of ‘bathroom troubles,’ you’ll have no problem leaving work early. Typically, employers will immediately allow you to leave if you mention bathroom issues ; perhaps thinking you might have a stomach bug.

Tooth Pain--If you know in advance when you’re going to want to leave early, start building your case ahead of time. Show that you’ve been having some severe pain and let your boss know you’ll be making an appointment with the dentist as soon as possible; or even say they’re working you into their schedule.

Unexplained Illness--This is an easy one… Most bosses will be happy to let you leave early if you’re not certain what illness you’re suffering from. Just make it appear like something highly infectious, such as the flu, so they let you leave out of consideration for the rest of the office. (I once had a co-worker, who would sit in a hot car for about 10 minutes to simulate fever and illness symptoms.)

Something Broke Down-- A flooded bathroom or broken boiler makes a great excuse to leave work and get home to fix whatever’s broken. Your boss will understand that if you don’t leave immediately, the situation will escalate—leading to more damage than necessary. They should let you leave without much hassle.

Car Problems--This works especially well if you’ve gone for lunch in the last hour or so. This also works well if you showed up to work a little late.Say that something is wrong with your car and you’ll need to visit a car mechanic to get some parts replaced before they close at the end of the day.

Sick Child--Anyone with kids knows that when they’re sick, it creates an emergency because someone needs to pick them up from daycare or school immediately. Just make sure you don’t use this excuse too often.

Babysitter/Daycare Emergency--If you have children, let your boss know you’ve just received a call from your childcare provider letting you know they’re having an emergency and/or a sick report from the care-giver.

Home Invasion Alarm--Let them know you’ve received a call from your home security company, and there might be a home invasion happening. The down-side of this is you will need a detailed story ready for when you return to work.

Appliance Delivery or Repair/Installation Call--Anyone who has ever had an appliance delivered knows they tell you to be home during a large time-slot. Same goes for cable and internet, or A/C repair.

A Wedding --This is especially true if you mention it's a family member, and there’s a significant amount of travel involved to get to there.

Out-of-Town Visitors--Mention you just found out that your family member or friend arrived early from their flight or something happened to make them change their plans. This way, it sounds unexpected and doesn’t appear planned ahead of time. For a 3 day weekend, it’s certainly believable.

Kids/Partner is Locked Out-- This really is effective for the last few hours of work. Tell your boss you’ve received a text/call from your kids (if they’re older) or your partner, and they’re locked out of the house. (DANG, you took THEIR keys too!)

Unexplained Personal Issue--Simply say ‘I have a personal issue that’s taking me away from the office today. I really need to handle it. Thanks for being understanding’ and be on your way! This only works with non-prying supervisors.

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