Want A Brain Chip For "More Intelligence?" It's About To Be A Thing.

This reminds me of The Matrix without slow motion. Or the Terminator without the evil police officer. It's Elon Musks' Neuralink venture. In a brainshell (that sounds like nuts to some people), Musk is backing a venture for brain implants, which he believes could help even the playing field with digital "artificial intelligence." He said in an interview 6 months ago that this technology "will exceed biological intelligence by a substantial margin."

I guess it's another way to say, if you can't beat A.I., join it. According to the website, Neuralink is "developing ultra-high bandwidth brain-machine interfaces to connect humans and computers." If you get one of these in the future, would that mean you would feel this overwhelming urge to buy a Tesla? Or purchase a SpaceX ticket to the moon? No comment there. But if the bar codes have a "666," I am so outta there.

CREDIT: Fox News-Click here for more.

Scotty Mac

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