PODCAST: Listen (& SEE) Why "MySpace Tom" Is STILL Smiling!

The other day, I thought about the pre-Facebook days. You know. MySpace. Remember Tom? He was my first friend on MySpace, as he was for you too. Tom was more than a face to go with the Space. He was/is co-founder Tom Anderson, or "Myspace Tom." You probably remember the mid-2000's fall of MySpace at the hands of Facebook. But don't be sad. Tom is doing OK. Let me rephrase-he's doing just fine.

Today, Tom is 48 now, and benefiting from a final purchase price of over half a billion dollars back in the day. That may pale in comparison to Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth. But, Tom is enjoying his life, while Mark Z. is having having a rough time under increasing scrutiny.


Few recall that it was MySpace that thought of social media with photos long before FB. As Mark Zuckerberg, FB methods and rules and regs are under the microscope because of user data sharing with third-parties. But, back in the early 2000s, social media users were worried less about their privacy and more interested about creating the perfect page. Today, Facebook has been experiencing a gi-normas PR nightmare .

So back to Tom. Just what is he doing NOW? After retiring at the ripe old age of 38, Tom is pursuing his passions-traveling and photography. Here are just a few from his Instagram.


MySpace Tom is really good, as evidenced by the 610,000 fans. Add to that number in all of the other platforms across social media, the number of Tom's followers is approaching 7 million. So, yeah he’s still smiling, comfortable in front of and behind the camera. Click here for the full gallery.


Now some more history you didn't know about the father of social media in this Scotty Mac and Cheese Podcast. CREDIT: MSNBC

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