NO April Fool: Laine Hardy IS A National Star, & He Found A Real LA Friend!

Last night, Laine Hardy from Livingston did something he was not able to do in last year’s season of American Idol. Move on to the Top 20. But, this time was different. The locale. The look. And the song. The place was Hawaii, as he sported a new suit, new “do," and a smile brighter than the Hawaiian sun. And as he performed a Beatles classic, the nation discovered something else about Laine--a newly acquired confidence that announced he had arrived. Clearly, he had. With a GQ-worthy look, he calmly walked out and asked, "Are you ready to party with a Hardy?"

The girls in the audience screamed, and Kay Perry’s jaw dropped, saying "Am I allowed to have a crush on a contestant?” Laine moved to the mic and shredded an electric guitar, as he CRUSHED Come Together. It was a cover that John Lennon would have loved. He came out showing he had nothing to lose. And Laine didn't; grabbing the final Top 20 spot. Watch his awesome performance below.


We discovered a another story-line connected to American Idol. Tyler Mitchell was the ANOTHER Louisiana man who sat at Laine's side as the judges revealed their decision last night. Two men for one spot. But more than that. Louisiana life-long friends that began on the beach. Last night, there was a mutual bro-hug, and a friendly slap on the back from the 6'4" Tyler that almost knocked Laine out of his chair.

As I thought about it, the new friendship between the two contestants from the Bayou State demonstrates how we roll around here. Common up-bringing - family values, honesty, integrity and hard work. Perhaps Laine and Tyler are already talking about taking some hunting and fishing trips together. It's clear this friendship bond will continue well beyond American Idol. Could there a musical collaboration from these two country boys? Wouldn't surprise me a bit.


On a personal note about Laine. After his last year's American Idol debut, my "bonus" daughter found Erika also discovered a young man with kindness and graciousness. You see, Erika has been in a wheelchair since 1999, and I watched Laine going out of his way to pay some special attention to her on a recent visit to the station. My wife and I were very moved. It was a side of Laine that we didn't see on TV; a snapshot of his character and gentle spirit. Whatever happens moving forward in this Idol season, he gets my vote. And Erika's. 

Scotty Mac

Scotty Mac

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