America's Top Style REGRETS From Back In The Day!

Let me get right to the point about old-fashioned fashion. And those old-style trends we proudly showed off. We can either recall these haunting nightmares, or bury them deep within our psyche so we don't have to deal with them. The rest of us lie. "I never wore that," or even "I never EVER cut my hair that way!" Strong words of denial will only work up to a certain point. Then, without warning, someone within our circle of family and/or friends will produce photo evidence to the contrary. The truth hurts. And that can be even more embarrassing than that awful thing on your head.

What's past is past, but the memories still linger. So, Floyd 99’s Barbershop, in conjunction with OnePoll, decided to conduct a research study of 2,000 Americans to examine that style from not-so-way-back-when. (At least for some)

The numbers just released show found that two-thirds of Americans have an embarrassing recollection of their fashion look or style that just refuses to go away. The source of most embarrassment? Hair. The bigger the better, right? And who could forget the stinky salon perm smell. (That wasn't you, was it?) AND...THE MULLET! Hall and Oates remember it well.


AND don't forget Billy Ray. Miley didn't.


Here is your Top 10 list of TOTALLY AWESOME regrettable looks!

1. Shoulder Pads - Everyone had em.

2. Hair Dying.

3. Perms-Major stink.

4. Baggy clothing.

5. Hair Gel.

6. Overly colorful (and very glittery) eye-shadow.

7. Skinny Jeans. Different than today, because these were so tight, it was a workout just to get them on!

8. Hair curlers. Took a lot of time & they didn't work!

9. Bangs

10. Tie-dyes.

My honorable mentions:

(tie)11. Acid-washed denims

(tie) 12. Rolled up short sleeves.

Interesting to note that - while many of the survey participants are embarrassed with their past style - many felt they haven’t evolved with the changing times. In fact, the average person polled claims they haven’t changed up their look in six years. (Is that all? Really?)


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