A Girl Scout Cookie By Any OTHER Name? YES! (Depends On Where You Live)

Unless you you've been a hermit all your life, you know what Girl Scout Cookies are. Going grocery shopping? There the scouts are with a table ready to sell. Answering your front door? You are greeted with cute grins armed with sweet treats.Any Girl Scout will tell you the big sellers are Thin Mints, but the most delicious of them all, perhaps, are the Samoas. That's the name here in South Louisiana, but in other regions, you might find them under a different name: Caramel deLite. Nope, I’m not making that one up. And there's more!

What many people do not know is that The Girl Scouts of America employ two different companies to make their famous cookies: They are ABC Bakers and Little Brownie Bakers. And there are differences found in appearance AND taste. It's not by state, rather, it's a regional thing. For example-and not too far away from us- Dallas and Fort Worth don’t even sell the exact same cookies, even though they share an airport.


The Samoa that half the country knows and loves has a heavy layer of caramel, dark chocolate coating and a liberal amount of toasted coconut. The Caramel deLite has milk chocolate, a vanilla-flavored cookie and less caramel. Are you familiar with Shortbreads? Other parts have them labeled as Trefoils. Don't ask us why. The Peanut Butter Sandwiches and Peanut Butter Patties are called Do-Si-Dos and Tagalongs, respectively. Call me weird, but I'm a guy who prefers a more detailed description in the name.

But just because the cookie names may be different, Girls Scouts can be a creative bunch when it comes to being awesomely creative in bigger sales. Check out what Charlotte and her mom did. She placed Aquaman star Jason Momoa on boxes of Somoas to sell more cookies. And it WORKED!

Scotty Mac

Scotty Mac

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