SEE The Signals: Spot The Guy You DATE vs. The Guy You MARRY

The guy you date will tell you he’s not the commitment type . That means “I don’t want to commit to you.”

The guy you marry will suddenly become that after meeting you. It's something special. Meeting this person makes you realize you don’t want to live without them or let them get away.

The guy you date doesn’t talk about a future. Everything is about “leaving options on the table.”. All about living in the moment.

The guy you marry wants you a part of his life. It isn’t even a question of whether he’ll come to do something with you. He'll be with you because he wants to.

The guy you date doesn’t really want to heat about your goals, hopes and dreams. He doesn’t care to be a part of them or help you get there. He might be dating you but that's pretty much it. And he is not paying attention if you mention them. He might even forget what you said,

The guy you marry will encourage and support you. It's clear he loves you and engaged in what you hope to attain. He wants to help you achieve the life goals you want. And if there’s any way he get you there he will. His heart's desire is for you to become twice the person you already are.

The guy you date is confident in himself. It's pretty obvious he feeds off attention, and not just yours. You might discover women blowing up his phone while you are with him, and even uncomfortably flirting with your friends.

The guy you marry wants to prove you can be confident in him. This guy want to show YOU off. To everyone. You never doubt his loyalty or commitment, and that makes you feel safe and secure in ways no one else has before.

The guy you date seems to always want to meet in a bar. Hey, there's nothing wrong with having some fun, but over time you'll start to realize that pursuit of the party is what it is all about with him, and nothing much more. That will get old over time.

The guy you marry will have common interests that reflect who you are as a person. Unlike the man mentioned above, he doesn't want to meet you at a bar with the goal to get loaded. He's not a one night stand man, either. His ideas center around things that connect both of you with bonds that build.

The guy you date can’t hold a meaningful conversation. Don't get me wrong, he CAN talk, but it's usually all about sports, or his favorite music. He might even ask where you would like to go out to dinner, but that's it. There isn’t an emotional or mental connection, and that's how he wants to keep it.

The guy you marry wants to know everything about you. The guy you end up marrying wants to know you better than he knows anyone in his life. He makes an effort to care about who you are; even the painful things about your past. He does this to build a safe zone, where you can totally trust him with anything.

The guy you date will use fights as an excuse to leave. The first argument is bound to happen. When it does, that will be the last for him. He's out.

The guy you marry will work through the issue until it isn’t one anymore. He might get angry at you. But underneath it all, he wants to work through it and figure out how to make your relationship work; even if there is strong disagreement.

The guy you date cares more about what you look like. While attraction is important, sometimes it’s ALL about how you look. Your looks are the very foundation of the relationship.

The guy you marry cares more about who you are as a person. Physical attraction is there, but there is a lot more to go with it. There has to be an emotional connection. You will find yourself suddenly looking at them as if God put them on this earth to be with YOU, and you alone.

The guy you date has no intentions to meet your family. Not only does he not want to meet your family, you really don’t want to bring him around. To put it another way. nothing in the relationship will grow into anything that resembles family. You know, and he believes it,

The guy you marry wants not only wants to me your family, but wants to learn know everyone’s names before hand. The guy you end up marrying will be introduced by you with a lot of pride. Not only does this person make you so much happier but everyone sees a change in your because of him.

The guy you date leaves you asking "what if things were different?" They aren’t. This guy is just kind of there as a stop-gap measure, until you meet the right one and you stop giving him any of your time and attention.

The guy you marry never makes you question how he feels or if he wants a future with you. The guy you marry actually says the word marriage. And it doesn’t scare you.

The guy you date will say you’re clingy if you rely on him too much. It's an attempt to set an emotional boundary you may not cross. If you do, he will immediately pull away. Especially when things get difficult for you. Too much involvement.

The guy you marry will stand tall and be what you need during tough times. The guy you marry will show strength when you’re weak. He holds you up when you can’t seem to yourself. And he doesn’t look down on you if ever you fall apart.

BOTTOM LINE: The man you marry wants you to know he’s completely in love with you. He isn't afraid to express that. He’ll say it without even thinking twice about it because he feels blessed to even have you. This is the man where look him in the eyes and you see the next fifty years in front of you.

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