Question: Are We Giving Santa Type 2 Diabetes? WELL?


It's one of the subjects you don't hear a lot of at Christmas time. According to Jessica Apple, co-founder of the Diabetes Media Foundation, it's a crisis situation for St. Nick. Estimates have over 2.1 billion people celebrating Christmas around the world, which means scores of cookies and milk left by the fireplace. 

Jessica has done the math for us. "Adding things up (at an average of 2 cookies per family), we see that Santa eats approximately 4,200,000,000 cookies in a single day.  (Plus, milk.)  That’s enough to create problems for any healthy individual, and it’s not abundantly clear that Santa was that healthy to begin with.". To put it another way, we're not helping. 

The symptoms for adult onset of diabetes would include blurry vision and a lot more fatigue. Not the best formula for flying a sleigh through the snow at warp speed with 8 eight magic reindeer. How safe is that? With diabetes, there is also the increased urge to make more bathroom visits. Apple's observation is a good one. "How would he deliver all those presents if he had to stop to pee all the time?"  

Now here's a big ol' serving of obvious common sense. "No one really needs 4.2 billion cookies.  Santa should really stop after the first million or so." Maybe we should save some of those baby carrots we throw out in the yard for the reindeer, and let the big guy have some of THOSE. Perhaps with some fruits and other vegetables.  Santa has a lot on his plate already, so he doesn't need the unhealthy stuff.  For real.

-Scotty Mac


Scotty Mac

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