13 Signs He Doesn't Want To Date You-He Wants To OWN You!


We all know how a typical first date goes: introducing yourselves, talking about your interests and hobbies, getting to know each other's vibes, etc.

However, there are times where certain men will take it to the extreme by rushing into the relationship and becoming obsessive. If you’ve ever been through this kind of situation, you’ve most likely missed the signs on the first few dates.

But that's ok, because catching these signs can be tricky.

1. He's already thinking about wedding bells.

Your guy is already talking about you being marriage material or calling you their wife/husband. Even if it seems like a joke, it’s better to proceed with caution if marriage is on their mind.

2. He is completely awed by your presence. 

Like really fascinating. Like you literally come from another planet that’s unheard of. Everything about you puts him in awe from the way you wear jeans to the how you say certain words. You feel like some kind of unicorn around him.

3. PDA is like, his first priority. 

A kiss or even a mini makeout session is alright on the first or second date, especially if you both have strong chemistry. However, if he becomes too PDA for your liking and gloss over your discomfort, it could be a sign of obsessiveness.

4. He straight-up refuses to listen to you.

You point out how you’d like to go out to better places for dates and it goes through one ear out the other. He’ll only listen to respond and will almost always turn it against you.

5. Possessive nicknames everywhere.

Inserting “my" before your name or using certain nicknames in order to get on your softer side when you’re angry at him is a sign that he may be possessive. Even more alarming is when he...

6. Using nicknames only your parents call you. 

Not only is it annoying, but it’s a sure sign he's becoming obsessed. There’s an obvious reason why "pumpkin" and "pooh-bear" are kept under the bus.

7. Trying to know you from the inside out from jump.

If he pries into your life beyond your comfort zone, then its time for the stop sign. Knowing too much about you may give him an advantage to make it seem like he's meant for you.

8. Stalking the whole history of your facebook page. 

Let’s be honest. Sometimes, you can’t help but look at the facebook page of someone you’re dating. But if he mentions photos and videos you’ve posted years before, then he's gone in too deep. You’re dating a person, not a private investigator.

9. The only vacations he takes are guilt trips

You let them know you can’t make the coffee date and a pity party comes next. He’ll do everything in their power to make you feel like you stepped on a kitten. Bonus points if he's asked if you’ve done this to guys you’ve dated before.

10. Constantly texting/calling, even if he just saw you.

If he's contacting you to the point where you feel like you have a leech on your back then he may be borderline obsessed. He’ll text you good morning at 6 am, call you during lunch breaks and meetings, and text constantly all through the night. 

It becomes extra when he guilt trips you for not responding to him no matter the reason.

11. Taking everything waayyyyy too personally. 

You could make a small joke about their hamster and he’ll turn it into you finding them unattractive or believing that you have depression. He’ll take every tiny critique or tease to the extreme.

12. Attempting to get your attention in unhealthy ways. 

He’ll send you an emergency text to call him while you’re at work, only to reveal it as a tactic to get you to talk to him... even though you’re at work. It becomes obsessive and even dangerous when he tries to get your attention in unhealthy ways like false emergency texts or even self-harm.

13. He uses what you confide in him against you

Especially personal things like the loss of someone you love. If you get upset with him or if you opt out of a date for reasons, he’ll say something along the lines of “you never know if I’ll still be there" or “death is imminent," trying to use grief against you in order to stay with him. Yeah, time to break it off.


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