10 AWKWARD Things To Avoid At The Office Christmas Party


Office Christmas parties are always a highlight of the festive season. You get to see a different side to your colleagues, and with an open bar it’s a prime opportunity for everyone to let their hair down.

As much fun as they are, office parties are riddled with awkward moments for you to navigate. In order to help you chart these cringey waters, here are the top things for you to watch out for – because a happy holiday is an awkward-free holiday.

1. Getting trapped into conversation with a co-worker you barely know about their family.

2. Having a few too many and accidentally spilling all of the company secrets.

3. When someone from accounting starts trying to bump and grind on you on the dance floor.

4. Small talk with your boss in the bathroom.

5. Working out what to wear – you don’t want to be too overdressed, underdressed or revealing, leaving you with basically no options.

6. PDA on the dance floor. It happens every year and makes everyone cringe so hard.

7. Someone you swear you’ve never seen will start asking you questions about your personal life. Don’t let on that you have no idea who they are (even though it turns out you’re in the same Monday meeting every week).

8. The next morning will be a hive of gossip – just make sure that you’re not the subject of everyone’s giggles.

9. Getting drunk generous and buying everyone else drinks. Your bank balance will make you cringe the next day.

10. Someone will lose their snacks – make sure a) it’s not you and b) you’re far out of the firing line.

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