UPDATED! Our Top 20 HiLaRiOuS Insults For Nick Saban!


Nick Saban was going to have his portrait done as a centaur (half man/half horse), but it turned out his head was bigger than the horse’s rear end.

Nick Saban rides the clutch, so he won’t be such a JERK.

Nick Saban skips the Texas toast and orders extra slaw at Cane’s, then uses ketchup on his strips.

Nick Saban never holds eye contact with any reporter, because the camera lens is RIGHT THERE.

When Nick Saban smiles at a press conference, paramedics rush the stage to check his vital signs.


Nick Saban always gives socks for Christmas.

Nick Saban carved his Halloween pumpkin with no teeth to show his support to Alabama fan base.

Nick Saban never listens to ANYONE…unless it’s another school who wants to hire him away.


Nick Saban puts Lil’ Smokies and kale in his jambalaya.

Nick Saban likes to turn left on Highland Road.

Nick Saban’s birthday was Tuesday, and there is some confusion about his actual age. It’s either 66 or 666. Difficult to determine.

Nick Saban eats salmon on Thanksgiving.


Elephants weigh up to 250 pounds at birth, which makes them the biggest babies on earth after Nick Saban.

Nick Saban’s gene pool needs chlorine.

When Nick Saban says something totally shocking, it’s always kind words to the press.

Nick Saban will never grow a beard, because Nick Saban CAN'T grow a beard. 


Nick Saban wears gloves when he eats crawfish.

Nick Saban uses expired coupons, then demands to speak to the manager.

Nick Saban gave nothing but Dum Dum suckers for Halloween.

Nick Saban only eats Campbell’s gumbo.

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