6 Reasons WHY Labor Day Is The Most Important Holiday!


Labor Day Reveals Whether Or Not You Are a Millionaire.

Ever wonder why you’re not supposed to wear white after Labor Day? The tradition goes back to the end of the Civil War, when society was ruled by the wealthy wives of old-money elites. As more and more “vulgar” new-money millionaires entered society, the old regime invented a whole suite of arbitrary fashion rules that only those in the in-crowd would know. Anyone who showed up to an Autumn dinner party in a white dress, for example, would be instantly outed as a nouveau riche newbie.

Going to amusement parks is literally the law

In 1986, Virginia passed the Kings Dominion Law, an actual on-the-books statute that prohibits city and county schools from starting before Labor Day weekend so families have one last chance to hit up popular theme parks like Busch Gardens and, yes, Kings Dominion. And by the way, there IS an amusement park lobby that petitions government officials


It’s the official end of hot dog season

During peak “hot dog season,” which spans from Memorial Day to Labor Day, Americans gorge themselves on roughly 818 hot dogs every second (or 7 billion total). As summer barbecues fade into ridiculous foliage walks, what foodstuff is fit to take up the mantle of processed pig parts? (That would be something served up at an LSU tailgate!)

Three-day weekends make you live longer

The Lancet science journal recently found that people who work more than 55 hours per week had a 33 percent increased risk of stroke than people who worked less than 40 hours a week. People who work 40 hours or less every week also sleep better, pick fewer fights, and are generally more productive at work than the estimated 40 percent of American workers who give 50-plus hours to the office.  

It’s a reminder that “bacon is a vegetable”

Labor Day is really only the second most important holiday. The first, of course, is International Bacon Day. The unofficial (but recommended) celebration of meat falls on the Saturday before Labor Day every year, and is best celebrated via bacon-themed meals, desserts, and even drinks. The holiday’s motto: “Bacon is a vegetable.”


It keeps the peace. 

One extra day of work every year wouldn’t necessarily result in armed mobs setting the factories ablaze, but that grim possibility is why Labor Day started in the first place. In 1894, nearly 4,000 factory employees of the Pullman railway company started a strike in response to reduced wages. Boycotts, riots, and sabotage ensued; 30 people were killed across the country, and an estimated $80 million in damages was incurred. President Grover Cleveland eventually called in the Army to bust up the strikers; six days later, he rushed legislation through Congress to declare Labor Day a national holiday as a conciliation. Take it or leave it: Labor Day keeps the trains running on time.


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