10 Things Women Do That Drive Their Man Crazy!

There were several common themes that came out from a Reddit thread that the editors of AskMen.com noticed. Hundreds of men expressed these girlfriend/wife traits that they do not like. Great info for single ladies going a first date can use. "I don't believe in ... " Chances are that hot guy has had plenty of that already.  Here's the Top 10. 

  • She steals the food.  In the restaurant and/or at the house, her fork may reach across the table to have a bite before a boyfriend’s favorite food is gone from the plate.
  • She’s chronically late. If the guy already have the evening planned, adjustments may have to be made on the fly.
  • She uses physical intimacy as a weapon.  Sometimes subtly. Sometimes more directly.
  • She can’t put her phone down. Guys are guilty too, but apparently many don’t think so.
  • They can’t a compliment.  In fact, some will question it. Men would like women to just say ‘thank you’ when told they look beautiful, for example.
  • She expects men to read her mind-accurately.  
  • She guilts the guy into doing things only SHE wants to do. Manipulation based on the boyfriend’s love for her can leave a guy resentful.
  • She says “fine.”  90 percent (that’s right 90) of men say they do not like hearing that word. If the girlfriend is upset, perhaps a new word should be used as a replacement like, “OK.”
  • She holds grudges. Men want women to let it go.
  • She poses entrapping questions. The one at the top of the list if, “does this outfit make me look fat?”


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