WHY A Daily 7 Second KISS Makes Relationship BLISS!


Are you in a committed love-relationship?  Sometimes the daily grind wears your intimacy to a sliver, and sometimes significant relationship challenges produce space between you. Either way, many people simply lose their incentive to put time and effort into reheating that loving feeling; they imagine that it would take too much time, too much work, and they sacrifice their love lives in favor of all the other things that demand immediate attention. (Like KIDS!)

But what if I was to tell you that putting in 7 seconds a day would be all the effort you need?  Yes, you read right: seven seconds!  I present, The Seven-Second Kiss. Once a day, every day, just share this simple practice, & you will see the long-term romantic ripple effect.

Let’s face it; you know that closeness can be revived with tactile communication, so try it. And I’m not saying lose the peck – even a little nibble can communicate loving caring – I am just suggesting you introduce a planned & conscious connection to your partner & see how this consistent commitment adds to your Love Life.

The intention of this little touch is to be present  and attentive, AND  if you remember to remember it will undoubtedly help you to regain and retain your other loving touches.  If you do this every day, by the end of each week you’ve spent less than one minute in lip-hug… a tiny time-investment when you consider the life-time dividends. 

Parents' note: Be prepared for a big "EWW" if this happens in front of the kids! 


Scotty Mac

Scotty Mac

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