Which Of These 4 Types Of Facebook Users Are YOU?

Researchers found that there are four different Facebook users, all of whom use the social media app for different reasons.

Of course, the researchers noted some people may use the network for multiple reasons.

“Social media is so ingrained in everything we do right now,” study co-author Kris Boyle said in a statement. “And most people don’t think about why they do it, but if people can recognize their habits, that can at least create awareness.”

Here’s a quick breakdown of the four types.


1. Relationship builders

Researchers found that these users log on to Facebook to help foster their relationships, either by creating new ones or helping maintain friendships and relationships they’ve had before.

2. Town criers

These are your traditional Facebook users, who hark back to the social network’s early days by sharing what is going on with their lives. These users share the news, talk about daily events and don’t really care about their own Facebook pages, the researchers said.

3. Selfies

Researchers said these users care more about self-promotion than anything else. And yes, that includes taking selfies. The study found that these people feel vindicated when they receive more notifications on Facebook.

4. Window shoppers

The study found these users to be almost the exact opposite of town criers. They don’t post on Facebook, but they want to find out what other people are doing.

The study comes almost six months after BYU previously looked into the different type of selfie-takers. The study found people have different reasons for taking selfies, like narcissism and expression of wealth.

Five BYU researchers found that selfies show us a lot about how we used modern technology.


“It’s a different kind of photography than we’ve ever experienced before,” co-author Steven Holiday said, according to a press release. “I can go on Facebook or Instagram and see that people have a desire to participate in a conversation. It’s an opportunity for them to express themselves and get some kind of return on that expression.”

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