MEN! How To Tell If She's Flirting Or Just Being Nice.


Besides a listener poll. we stole/borrowed some recent research that revealed 12 common themes.  

#1 There’s plenty of touching. If she likes you, she’ll probably initiate loads of physical contact while you’re chatting. Look out for indications like her “absentmindedly” stroking your arm, “accidentally” brushing up against you, and so on.

#2 She shows off her assets. A woman will use all the weapons in her arsenal when flirting. Pay attention to little signs, like her readjusting her Tee to showcase her top, adjusting her skirt to give you a good look at her legs. OR how she rocks her jeans.


#3 She’s curious about you. When a woman is interested in you, she will ask plenty of questions in a bid to get to know you better. She’ll ask you everything, from what you do in life, to what hobbies you enjoy indulging in. She’ll also express interest in doing or trying what you like.

#4 The compliments keep coming. If she likes what she sees, she’ll say so. They complement specifics:  your shirt, your hair, your voice, your smell, etc.  Most women are not too shy to let you know that they find you fascinating and/or intriguing.

#5 She doesn’t leave your side. She’ll find any excuse to be around you, even if she’s the host of the party and has to entertain everyone else. She will mingle with others, but will always flutter back to your side, so pay attention to how many repeat visits she makes.

#6 Long eye contact. The same way you wouldn’t initiate lingering eye contact with someone you’re not interested in, women will only pay special attention to a love interest. She’ll shyly avert her gaze when you meet her eye. If she likes you, this will happen multiple times, so be on the lookout.

#7 She subtly brings up intimacy. She’s not going to make suggestive jokes if she’s not interested in getting physical. Keep an ear out for suggestive linked comments or sexy references. Even the seemingly well-mannered ones will drop a hint or two if they’re interested.  Also watch her mouth. Women will often pose with their lips.

#8 She buys you a drink. Buying you a drink is a sign that she enjoys your company and doesn’t plan to leave your side—at least for the moment. She might recognize you are a little shy, so she may be trying to break the ice a bit to help you feel more at ease if you get a little nervous.

#9 She hints at going out. Is she dropping hints that she would like to see you again, perhaps doing something or going somewhere specific.  For example, she may say, “I love French cuisine, too! I’ve been meaning to try this new restaurant, but I can’t seem to get anyone to go with me. Have you dined there yet? ” This is your cue to jump right in and ask her out.  It’s a pretty safe bet she will say yes.

#10 She lets you know that she’s single. For example, she might tell a story about her ex, or casually mention she isn’t currently attached to anyone.  She won’t overdue it, since she doesn’t want to scare you off as being desperate or needy.  In those cases when it’s difficult to tell, ask about her availability early on in the conversation. If you're shy about exercising this kind of boldness here, she will fill in the blank in short order if she wants to give you the green light.  


#11 She uses social media directed at you. She doesn’t have to be in your face to let you know that she’s interested. Texting, Facebook, Instagram, and all the other forms of digital communication will help you figure out if she likes you. A big hint is when she asks you in person if you’re on Facebook. She might even request to see you profile on her phone for a “having fun” photo. For texting, if she replies with one-word answers to your text, she’s not interested. However, if she sends you random stuff like memes and long replies, she’s trying to keep the conversation going.

#12 Focus on body language. As important as her words are, you also need to pay attention to the less obvious signs, like her body language. Many people aren’t even aware that their body language is a dead giveaway, so if you’re smart, you’ll pay attention to these unconscious signs. For example, if her arms are folded in front of her chest, she’s not interested, but if her arms are by her sides and she’s facing you, she’s definitely interested.




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