What A Mom Of Strong-Willed Children Want You To Know!

Heather is a real-life mom with incredible insight. She cuts to the core of truth so well, she has become a top blogger about parenting. Check this out!

A while back ago in front of a group of friends, my Caleb was bouncing off walls, forgetting his manners, excited about life. One adult made an off-hand comment about “that’s why we teach our son how to act.” There’s a thing about strong willed kids. A thing you need to know. You can teach and discipline and love and correct all the live-long day. And you will often still be ignored.

I’m not here to break my child.  My role is not to extinguish his strong will. Because there will be times in his future when I want him to stand his ground, stay true to his convictions, never back down. The strong will? It’s a powerful gift if used correctly.  Those of us who are blessed to parent the steel-strong babies? We want you to know we’re grateful for who they will become—despite the hard days of now.

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Scotty Mac

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