Meet Pinchy Houdini-A BR Live Crawfish LEGEND!

This week, it was just a quick visit to Rouse’s on Airline to pick up something to eat at the food counter. As it turned out, the ordinary evening was nothing but, thanks to my introduction to Pinchy Houdini: The Crustacean. The Crawfish. The LEGEND!

As I waited my turn to order my crawfish stuffed baked potato, I noticed a guy in the seafood area across the way, holding up a live crawfish for another customer to see. Curious, I went over to find out why this little fella was getting SO much attention. 

The team member told me Pinchy was able to jump OUT of the pot BEFORE the fatal submerging, hitting the floor, then crawling very quickly UNDER  the equipment along the back wall.  They suspect he found a hideaway spot UNDER the lobster boiling pot at the other corner of the room. When things got too hot under there, our Houdini Hero crawled out in plain view where the worker could retrieve him.

As I was asking my questions about the incident, the employee placed the crawfish on top of the glass lid of the lobster tank, so I could get a better look.  The crustacean looked healthy enough, and as I continued my conversation with the Rouse’s seafood dude, I looked back and PINCHY had VANISHED … Gone AGAIN!! I was stunned! TWO impossible escapes in one evening!!

Rouse’s personnel were still searching for this little escape artist as I collected my stuffed baked potato, and headed home.  The crawfish in my baked potato was clearly not as talented and clever as Pinchy Houdini, but he was delicious.   

Scotty Mac

Scotty Mac

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