WATCH: The Weird "Snackathon

We’ve received A TON of weird snack combinations from you this week. So we decided to put your creations to the test and try them for ourselves in the studio. It’s the MSJ “Snackathon” ⤵





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Here are some of the craziest snacks we’ve received from you so far: 

Carla - “Olive tapenade with hummus or bagel chips or green onions wrapped with cream cheese and hard salami”

Sheri - “Mayonnaise on saltines!!”

Alicia - “Peanut butter and pickles”

Brandi - “Kraft Mac ‘n cheese with applesauce”

Belen - “Plain Lays potato chips with mustard”

Michelle - “Fritos dipped in tuna!”

Elizabeth - “Vienna sausage split down middle on saltines equals seven little sandwiches”

Julie - “My dad used to dip a spoon in peanut butter and another in mayo and eat them together. Not a flavor made in heaven in my opinion”

Tefannie - “My daughter eats apples and ketchup”

Linda - “Pickles and cheese”

Alyssa - “Peanut butter and jelly with Doritos. The perfect mix of salty and sweet!”

Nelson - “Weird foods nachos with diced hot dogs and Vienna sausage”

Brooke - “Crackers, dijon mustard, raspberry or fig jam, and good cheese”

Sharon - “honey bun with melted cheddar cheese on top, or a fiber one lemon bar crumbled in lemon meringue greek yogurt.”

Tara - “Peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches. Or popcorn dipped in hot sauce”

Mellisa - “Mashed potatoes and maple syrup mmm”


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