Why French Women Feel Young at 50!

Mylène Desclaux, 59, from Paris shares secrets why French Women Feel Young at 50. That is the name of her book. Here are her top tips:

FIGHT OFF GREY HAIR - If you're 35 and you have 200,000 followers on Instagram and you can turn your decision into a book, a success, make the nine o'clock news and have enough money to compensate for the unwanted effects of age on your hair. But if not, salt and pepper hair will always equate to someone older.

DON'T DISCLOSE YOUR REAL AGE- You should never, EVER, tell people your age. The minute you proclaim how old you are, it sticks to your skin and becomes imprinted on your face as if by magic.

CONSIDER CHANGING AN AGEING NAME –(Margie Maybe’s note- I completely take this one to heart as I was born with a name that made be sound 80 even back then!) On the chronological scale your first name betrays at least your generation, if not the year of your birth. If you are lucky enough to have a youthful name in your 50s you have your inspired parents to thank, or your lawyer for taking care of the legal necessities…(Hmm, Antonia Maybe? It’s my middle name)

THROW A BIRTHDAY PARTY! –Have one but call it something else or find something else to celebrate because in enviably friends will ask and if they attended enough of them they may start guessing!

WATCH YOUR WEIGHT-With the exception of a few women with pituitary gland issues, we're all more or less on a diet after fifty.  Losing a few pounds is possible, but putting them on is so much easier. There are solutions, diets, strategies. To each her own. Mine is to stuff myself with things that don't make you fat and are full of water. The feeling of fullness is immediate, and even if it doesn't last, it will help you get by until the next meal.

DITCH READING GLASSES -With the exception of sunglasses and for those under 30, glasses aren't a good look for anyone. For a first date, here's a tip. Rather than getting out your glasses in the restaurant to read the menu, use an app on your phone or simply order one of the specials of the day. Love is blind, right?

Margie Maybe

Margie Maybe

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