What office email lingo really means!

In the South we all know “Bless their heart” is code for something not nearly as nice as that sounds. Well office emails have their own code too. Like 'Hope this helps' is a polite way of telling someone never to bother you again, apparently. If someone sees your point as in, ”I see your point” it means that they really don't care what you think. I can’t say I’ve used all of them but there are a few that definitely hit the spot!

As stated below

= Your dumb question has been answered you were just too lazy to read the entire email chain. (A lot less wordy!)

Moving forward

= We’ve wasted enough time on this, let’s move on it already.

Let me clarify

= You didn’t read the last message I sent or you misunderstood it because you still haven’t figured this %&*( out.

Per my last email

=Do you need someone to read the email to you so you’ll stop asking stupid questions?

Thanks in advance

=There is no option not to do this “favor” I’m asking you for…

Sorry for being unclear

=*Sigh* obviously, you didn’t read what I wrote.

Just checking in

=I’m going to continue to bug you until you respond

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to let me know

=Please, please read this email thoroughly so you won’t have any questions

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