The 10 Most Irritating Office Buzzwords

'Give 110 per cent ' or ‘Think outside the Box” is that kind of office jargon getting tossed around at your work to the point of madness. Well at least you are not alone. A poll was conducted to put together the 10 most annoying office phrases…

Top ten most-infuriating office jargon phrases of the year are:

1. Give 110 per cent: To go above and beyond what is expected of you

2. Blue sky thinking: Brainstorming in an open-minded fashion

3. Low hanging fruit: Getting the easiest work out of the way first

4. Synergize: To work together collaboratively in order to be more effective

5. Outside the box: To think imaginatively, using fresh ideas

6. Square the circle: To achieve something that is considered impossible

7. Backburner: A item that does not require immediate atttention

8. Atomize: To break something (eg. a problem) down into smaller units

9. Bleeding edge: A new technology/ technique that comes with a degree of risk

10. A lot of moving parts: A lot of departments/ moving components to manage at any one time

I would like to add the use of “Unpack”-going into more detail about whatever topic is being discussed.  

Margie Maybe

Margie Maybe

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