5 Things to do now to make Thanksgiving Easier

5 Things to do now to Make Your Thanksgiving Easier

1 Run the self-clean oven. This is a stinky project but now it will have time to air out before company and it will prevent having the left over burnt pizza smoke when you are cooking on Thanksgiving!

2. Sharpen Knives-This can be done professionally and folks in the meet department of your favorite grocery store will know where to direct you. Be sure to test your newly sharped knifes on a meal or two ahead of the big day. Being less frantic will make it easier to adjust to them.

3 Test the Oven Temp-Nothing throws a recipe off like cooking food at the wrong temp. Your stove can be off so long as you know by how much. Oven thermometers come in a variety of prices but the little cheap ones in grocery stores should work. When the oven says it is at the correct temp set but it doesn’t match what the thermometer says, check your stoves manual. It should have instructions on how to adjust temp. Of course if you are in a pinch just knowing how wrong your stove is will help you correct for the error.

4. Wipe down the party dishes-Those fancy serving dishes we only use once or twice a year need to be wiped down pre-gathering. Unless of course you have an antsy party guest that will need a task to do, this is something to do in advance.

5. Clean out the fridge(s)-Sure in South Louisiana it is not uncommon to have a house fridge and a garage fridge. Odds are they are both filled right know and will not have room for leftovers let alone the Turkey that will be thawing in one of them soon enough. National Clean Out Your Fridge Day is November 15th!

Margie Maybe

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